Zoe Morgan-Weinman tackles the sestina

Sestina by Zoe Morgan-Weinman

I am fascinated by the shadows of our fingers

Beautiful when they differ but when they match – electric

Your hands waved goodbye and caught tears when you cried

Your fairytale had taken a stormy twist

But looking back for that second

Made you believe in fate


Well I too have placed my chips on the outlaw fate

And this time I refuse to let him slip though my fingers

For you have taken my sanity and given it a hard twist

I saw the tangle the first time I cried

And decided not to come in second

You didn’t deny it was electric


And there is always a warning on things powerfully electric

But on you no label was placed by fate

I wish you were gone for just a second

So that I could catch my breath and steady my fingers

But people would wonder if I cried

So stay, let my stomach twist


Although judgment wouldn’t be a twist

Or water cold enough to short something so electric

You’re positive he never cried

And that he couldn’t believe in fate

But you’re not one to taste the world from behind caution’s fingers

You didn’t slow down for a second


So we watched a Giant rounding second

And thought of infinity’s beauty with its single twist

Interlocking our fingers

The sky full of fireworks looked to be dotted with lights electric

Thanking fate

“You’re out!” the umpire cried


You’re glad you know that if you cried

I’d be there in less than a second

Because I do believe in fate

And as each day our souls tighter twist

Never have I felt so electric

As I do watching you test the weight of my heart in your fingers


The angels of fate saw how we have cried

So they set our fingers for a collision course in that second

And forever changed the story of the world with this twist of love – infinite, electric

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