You Bring the Muy Caliente Outta Me

You bring the taquerias outta me.
The burrito and quesadilla lover in me.
The arroz y frijoles eater outta me.
The novela’s on tonight outta me.
Proud to be Latina.
Yup…that’s what you get outta me.
You bring the Latin Lover outta me.
Let my hair suelto,
Flor en el pelo outta me.
The Salsa, Merengue, and Flamenco dancer outta me.
Me encanta sentir the music.
The Spanish knee-to-ankle dress cuando bailo, “Oye Coma Va” outta me.

How do you bring the naturalness outta me?
‘Cause I tend to overpluck my eyebrows
To where you can’t see them anymore.
Mask my neutral lips with red or brown,
And trace my eyes so black, that it becomes repelling.
To the point where you don’t wanna take me out
‘Cause you don’t want to be signaled out in a crowd.

You bring the “Let’s Get Loud” outta me.
I’m like a cholita when it comes to you.
Who is she to you??
Que me miras, guey?
Overprotective like you’re cheating with esa estupida chica next door.
I need to cool off como esas out-of-the-oven enchiladas.
Because you claim I do too much.
Y que tiene?

You bring lo mejor outta me.
Don’t expect the best and don’t expect lo peor.
Tryna be coqueta with those minifaldas,
Even though i know I don’t gotta try hard!
Whether I’m wearing a big ol’ t-shirt and sweats,
Or a little blusa with tight, low-rise jeans…
You somehow bring the muy caliente outta me.

Written by Mayra Recinos, Sophomore, Balboa High School

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