Volunteer of the Month: Carolyn Schultz

C's 826 picWhen Carolyn Schultz began After-school tutoring at 826 she quickly mastered the art of finding a fellow tutor who could help students with math homework. Carolyn zoomed in on college essay tutoring since she herself was bribed by her grandfather not to go to college, which he firmly believed turned young women into spinster school teachers. She accepted a red Ford Falcon convertible instead and began her higher education as the youngest executive secretary in NYC around the time the real Mad Men was happening. When she moved to Paris a few years later, she became a photographer’s apprentice, and then a master black and white printer, photographing anyone who would get in front of her camera – from Andy Warhol and Woody Allen to Jerzy Kosinsky and Louise Bourgeois. But teenagers and their personal stories are her favorite subjects. Carolyn is the proud mother of a philospher and an urban rooftop farmer, both of whose personal essays she proofread.

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