Voldemort, based on Harry Potter

My name is Voldemort, and I’m dead. I know you like Potter and you’re probably happy that he won and all, but I’d like to point that he is the luckiest boy I’ve ever met. I mean who gets sent back from the dead? He beat me seven times in a row! Nobody can win that many times. I had a whole army of Death Eaters, Giants, Werewolves, and Dementors against students and a couple of skilled wizards and I lost. Everything was going well; Dumbledore was taken care of, the ministry was under our control, no one could say my name anymore, and I rebuilt an entire army, but no! I didn’t win! They foiled my plans. Three little teenagers managed to destroy all of my horcruxes in a couple of days. If one thing had happened differently I would’ve won, like how Potter just happened to disable Draco. If he had disarmed someone else then I would’ve won. I could go on with more ‘what if Potter had blah blah blah, then I would’ve won’, but instead I’ll finish. If only had killed Lily first. (By the way there are 100 ways I could’ve won.)

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