After-school tutoring is out for summer!

Look Closer/Mira de Cerca vol. 10 release and reading

Tutoring’s out for summer! On Wednesday, May 16 students, parents, and tutors celebrated the end of another grand year of homework help, high school applications, and creative prompts at the Writing Table with a generous potluck and a reading from their most recent work, Look Closer/Mira de Cerca, vol. 10. Their fans eagerly anticipated this bilingual release of poetry and prose on the topic of chrysalis, and filled with images of darkness, aging, and the weather, to name a few. By their reaction, the book is a big hit!


Here are a few excerpts from our wonderful writers:


When I’m eighty, I will be tired and sleep all day

long, but I will do a little bit of work in my house.

Then I will make breakfast from my family and me.

I watch TV all day long, doing lazy things. I will go

outside for a walk for one hour. Lastly, I will sleep

and wait until the next day to do the same thing.

— “When I’m Eighty,”

Camila Gomez, age 8


I think that Darkness would change if he were a clown

— “If Only,”

Jasmine Hernandez, age 7


Once upon a time there was a tree seed that a little

boy planted. The boy took care of the tree seed until

it grew and grew, until it became a part of nature.

The tree was special because it had super powers. It

Could transform and glow in the dark. The tree had leaves,

a trunk, and apples. When the boy grows up, he will have

super powers too.

— “A Tree Has Powers,”

Ronaldo Rodriguez, age 7

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