Turtles Inside

When you see “Turtles inside” on a door leading
To a backyard, you may think, there are turtles in there
And since it’s here in San Francisco,
Yes, you want to see the turtles
But it’s warning you not to go in
You feel dreadful for you want and don’t want to go in
It is the same feeling you feel when you want to
See what is inside a chocolate box and you feel temptation
To eat it
Or a bag from Target that was hidden in a closet
And you found it and had the urge to peek
Or maybe it was when you saw a coke left on the dining room table
You already have the feeling to have a bit of cream
You felt the screams inside your head
And you feel it now
The door is whispering go in, go in

Written by Erica, age 13

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