Trial TV – Episode

Jimi Vyas wrote this creative writing piece in 826 Valencia’s “The Tale is in the End” workshop.

Announcer: Welcome to the first episode of Trial TV! Today, we investigate the mysterious death of William Drake. He was the undisputed best wide receiver in football history. When he was twelve, he received a surprise visit from Jerry Rice that changed his life. He received a senior’s degree in football and set out to become the best. And did he achieve that! After winning his team the Super Bowl for the third time in a row, the crowd converged on the field, and when it cleared, he was dead on the ground. Here is a witness from the crowd:

Witness #1: I was one of the first onto the field. His team had formed a dog pile on him. As the fans ran out of the stands, many people decided that they wanted to join in. My guess? He suffocated because he couldn’t expand his lungs to breath.

Witness #2: Yes, I suppose that theory would make sense, considering I was one of his teammates. In our dog pile, he was at the bottom. I concur with the idea that he suffocated. The other witness pretty much summed it up for me! Victory, dog pile, crowd, suffocation.

Judge: Well, this is certainly a unique death. Oh, shoot! I need to make my doctor appointment. I’ll take a recess and then I will be back with my verdict.

Announcer: There you have it. The story (or so we hope) of William Drake’s tragic end. Interesting, eh? And now for a short break!

* * *

Announcer: Welcome back, and we have the judge’s verdict on William Drake’s, wide receiver, death.

Judge: Drum roll, please? All right…nobody is guilty. It was a complete accident caused by a simple dog pile.

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