Tiger Woman

She’s running through plants! You don’t know who she is. You see something black and orange. It’s not a monkey, it’s Tiger Woman!

Tiger Woman is black and orange. She likes to hunt deer. She has a pet tiger named Tiggy. She has black and orange hair. Her skin is also black and orange. She wears a black and orange dress, black and orange boots, and black and orange gloves. She lives in a secret cave in the jungle. Her fake name is Lina. Her weakness is a spider’s bite. Her mission is to save people from Poison Girl.

One beautiful day at Tiger Woman’s house, she was playing with her pet, Tiggy. Tiggy is a baby tiger who wears earrings, a pink shirt, a tiger skirt, and black gloves. An alarm went off and said, “Poison Girl alert!” Tiger Woman changed to Lina (which is her fake side), to trick Poison Girl. Lina had to save Isabella, her best friend.

Lina was super mad and she went to save Isabella really fast. “Poison Girl, stop poisoning my friends!” yelled Lina. But it was too late.

“Noooooo!” cried Lina.

“You will never stop me, hahahaha!” laughed Poison Girl. Poison Girl flew away.

“Don’t worry! If only I had a potion! Wait a minute!” said Lina. So she took out of her backpack a potion that her great, great, great grandmother left her. It was a healing potion made just for the person that she really cared about. Isabella had one more minute of life, but Lina quickly gave Isabella the potion. In a few minutes, Isabella woke up and she was saved.

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