Three cheers for Ms. Vani Ari, our May Teacher of the Month!

Vani Ari, Teacher of the MonthBy Candace Hoes

826 Valencia has the pleasure of announcing Ms. Vani Ari of Bryant Elementary as our May Teacher of the Month. Parents describe the kindergarten teacher as compassionate, enthusiastic, approachable, and even fabulous! Perhaps this can be attributed to Ms. Ari’s clear understanding that learning neither ends with the student nor in the classroom.  She also coaches parents, encouraging them to be an active participant in their children’s education. One parent writes that while her son can be a handful at times, with Ms. Ari’s guidance, “We are able to acknowledge the issues our son may be having in class right at home.”

For many students, kindergarten can be the first exposure to a traditional classroom setting.  Some students face an additional obstacle to learning, as they are new learners of English.  Ms. Ari takes these students under her wing, and in no time they are able to speak, read, and write in their new second language. “I’ve seen my son’s literature skills skyrocket in the past months,” says one proud parent, “and I’ve seen how happy he is to have achieved this.” It is comforting to know that educators like Ms. Ari ensure that every student can advance from her class with a command of the written and spoken word, even without any prior knowledge.

What’s more, dozens of charmingly illustrated letters came pouring in, with student authors eager to tell us that Ms. Ari “gives good hugs,” “makes us laugh,” and, “gives good homework!” How often do you find a caring teacher, with a good sense of humor, who can find a way to make doing homework enjoyable for her students?

One parent describes it perfectly, saying, “She makes the little ones feel so independent and important.” Ms. Ari, for your exceptional work with both parents and students, 826 Valencia would like to reward you with a $1500 honorarium to use however you please.  Thank you for sharing your warmth and wisdom with your school community.

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