The Worst Things of My Life

Chapter One – A Blizzard

In Oakley, a blizzard happened and I could not go outside because my mom didn’t let me go out. I went to my room and slammed the door. I was mad so I screamed, “I’m going to have a blizzard in my room!”

I grabbed a bat and broke my window. I jumped in the pile of snow in my room. Since I had a cotton candy machine, an ice cream maker, and popcorn machine, I used all of them and laid down on the snow. I jumped and did everything on the snow, but then I noticed that the whole house was filled with snow. I tumbled down the stairs because it was filled with thick snow. Our dogs were dancing and my mom was panting. We shoveled the snow into a pile. Then we opened the door and more snow came in the house. I popped out of the snow and I heard a ding.

I said, “The popcorn is ready.”

Then I attacked my dad on accident. I fell on him. He had to go to the hospital, and he lived. The end!

Okay, not the end. My dad had to stay at the hospital for seven months, almost a whole year.

Chapter Two – Summer

Hurray, hurray! It’s the last day of school. Summer came, and my dad was out of the hospital.

I said, “I hope this summer goes well and not bad.”

After school I was walking and then there was a big puddle. A car came and it splashed me. I had to go home on the school bus, but when I was at the bus stop the bus left without me. I had to walk home, but when I was in my neighborhood some robbers came and took my phone. It was the iPhone 5s and it was a new iPhone.

When I got home my mom saw me and said, “What happened to you?”

I said, “A car splashed me, the school bus missed me, and the robbers stole my iPhone 5s.”

Then my mom said, “Maybe we should go get ice cream.”

“Okay,” I said.

When we got to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, I got a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of mint chip and a scoop of cookies and cream with a dash of rainbow sprinkles. It was awesome. When we got out of the store, we were walking and people came running and my whole ice cream fell!

Chapter Three – The Last Straw

My mom said, “Sorry, hunny. We will go to St. Francis.” When we got inside the restaurant, my BLT fell apart. When me and my mom got home, we heard the tow truck. We saw that they were towing our car! I said, “That’s the last straw!” Those are the worst things in my life.

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