The Secret Passage

The Stories from Scratch workshop combined elements of the Streetside Stories training with techniques created by the workshop teachers, Abigail Jacobs and Taylor Jacobson. They discussed themes, did some spontaneous acting, recovered a lost tooth, and eventually got around to writing some captivating stories.

Once upon a time, I moved to a new house that I thought I was going to hate. But when I got there I found a secret passage. (I didn’t tell anyone.) After that, I decorated my new room, which I enjoyed, then I went to the secret passage. It ended at a place made out of candy. I found some marshmallows to sleep on. So I slept on them. Then I went back home. I told my family about the passage. When they heard that, they said, “OH WOW!”

I said, “And it’s really cool, too.” Then I showed them the secret passage. They were so amazed.

They said, “Chase, you are a genius.” Trent was so happy. He started eating. I did too, along with the rest of my family.

Then I found a candy store made out of candy. The candy there looked like mini candy stores made out of candy! Trent and I used our allowance to buy some candy. Mommy and Daddy bought some candy for themselves. But when we started eating the candy, we started turning into candy too! But we could still talk and we could hear each other.

Then a man saw us and said, “What are all these candies doing on the ground?” So he picked us up, put us in a candy jar, and walked away.

We said, “OH NO! What will we do now!?”

Then I said, “We will be as loud as we can when someone opens the top of the jar we are in. And the person who opens the jar that we are in, they might tell the owner of the store and the owner might turn us back into ourselves again. Maybe.”

“Okay, that’s a great idea Chase.”

So there was this person who could hear reeeeealllly well and he also came to the candy store every day. One day, that same person opened the top of the jar that we were in. So, just as I said, we all tried to be as loud as we could. The guy heard us and told the owner of the candy store. The owner turned us back into ourselves. Everybody started to hug each other. They said, “Chase, great job!” So we went back to our house and had a celebration for me.

Written by Chase, age 7

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