The New York Soldier, based on The Winter Soldier

By Ian Knightly

Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep! “Get me out of this traffic jam. I need to get to the lab”. The cab drove by many tall skyscrapers, hotels, apartments, and lots of shiny buildings in the vast city of New York. It was pretty dark outside although the sun was just starting to fall behind the horizon. I was thinking about how the experiment would go. Just then, the taxi pulled up to the crowded sidewalk. “$36. Give me my #$@^% 36 dollars in cash now!!!” yelled the cab driver as I exited the bright yellow Honda cab. As he rolled down the window to grab my money, I noticed something weird about his face. He didn’t look at me as I handed him two $20’s and didn’t give me the change. As much as I was tough, his face kind of freaked me out. Once the window was almost up I saw his face clearly. He had leeches/snakes crawling through his pure milky white eyes, his face decaying, rotting away. His shirt was ripped at the shoulder revealing his greyish green marrow. He had no teeth but his black gums were showing. As he pulled away, he looked straight at me sending a shiver down my spine.

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