The Mysterious Passageway: Chapter One

Once upon a time, a while ago, there was a queen and there was a princess named Danielle. One day there was a ball and an evil man whose name was Taco entered the ballroom. Taco had wrinkles all over his face and even winkles all over his wrinkles. And wrinkles on those wrinkles. Taco came with a pet named French Fry. The evil Taco yelled to his pet, “Today the princess will die!” There were angry men outside the castle who were trying to kill the princess with the evil Taco and his bat, French Fry. They were chanting, “We want to kill her!”

There was a little boy who worked in the castle as a cook and people called him Kitchen Boy but his name was Derick. Derick the Kitchen Boy was very healthy. He could see well and hear well and smell well.

And the men and the evil Taco and French Fry rushed in and the Kitchen Boy said, “Princess! Queen! I know a passageway!”

The passageway was through the castle. There was a wall that opened and only the Kitchen Boy knew about it. They made it out! The princess was safe. For now.

Written by Holly, age 8

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