The Mouse Play

Edelweiss: Food! Food! Food! All you think about! Food!

Edelversa: Good! I like food! You should eat more!

Edelweiss: Treats! Treats, too! All you think about! Treats!

Edelversa: Good! I like treats! You should eat more!

Edelweiss: You like treats! You like food! Why not give away food? Why not give away treats?

Edelversa: Treats and food for me! All for me!

Edelweiss: You leave some treats and food for me!

Edelversa: Hand gives much food and treats. I will save some food and treats to give away.


Edelweiss: See! Everyone’s happy because you give away treats and food.

Edelversa: But no treats or food left for me!

Edelweiss (as food in hand come through): Here comes more!


Written by Henry, age 9

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