The Mission

One great place to go in the Mission is The Hypnodrome, the theater with the spookiest creep shows in the entire Bay Area. Whenever light shows through its gothic curtains it is merely a theater but when darkness falls and light no longer seeps through the windows, the spirits of The Hypnodrome awaken and put on quite a show. See for your self in its haunted balcony “spook boxes.” For years, The Hypnodrome has been frightening San Francisco audiences. It is undoubtedly the best theater in The Mission—and unequivocal proof of the supernatural.

The Marsh is a theater for the budding performer and it is perfect for shaping children into the actors of tomorrow. The Marsh encourages children to work on their talent in its many acting workshops. Yes, this is undoubtedly the best theater in The Mission. It has 99 spacious seats plus the chairs in the lounge. The stage itself is smaller than you’d suspect, but all the actors who perform there need is a 10” by 10” by 10” cardboard box to convince you that they are on the Titanic or at the South Pole.

Written by Shane, age 11

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