The Haunted House of Love

One day there was a girl called Julia. She was tall, blonde, blue-eyed and she always wore a dress. She went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. She told her mom, Sofia, “I want to go to the haunted house because I think it’s fun.”

Julia said, “Let’s wait in the line.” And then it was their turn. This is when the action began. In the haunted house there were monsters, but nobody knew that the monsters were real.

Julia said, “That monster is moving!” Then she jumped out of the car and said, “What’s going on?”

She met two monsters. The monsters were colored brown, they had clothes, and they were called Gigi and Max. They were really nice.

The two monsters said, “We are trying to go on a date but we can’t.” The girl said, “Why?” and the monsters said, “Because we don’t know how to plan our date!”

The girl planned a date. The date was a romance movie with dinner. The movie was good and long. The monsters both ate salad. Everything went well and they were happy because they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Julia went back on the ride and the ride finished.

Julia said, “I’m proud of myself.”

illustration of two monsters at dinner table on a date

Illustration by LeUyen Pham

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