The First Waddle

Our English Language Learners is a six-week camp for second through fifth graders.  Presented in partnership with Mission Learning Center, throughout the summer, students come to 826 Valencia four days a week to work one-on-one with tutors to write poems about ice cream, stories about the solar system, and letters to Michelle Obama, among other things.  Below is a piece from the ELL Summer Series:

When the world was new, penguins didn’t waddle. A hat fell on an abandoned chick. He was blinded by the hat, so while removing it, he fell and learned to waddle for the first time in history. Waddling’s popularity spread through Antarctica, and the number of waddling penguins increased. Today, millions of penguins waddle and it was all started by a hat and a chick.

Written by Edgar, age 10

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