The Arrow that Broke My Heart

Swoosh! Out went the arrow, a falcon seeking its prey. Through the cracks of the protection I once thought invincible, the arrow directly hit my pride, my happiness, my life. It destroyed the very part of my spirit that kept a smile on my face. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t make myself believe that she’d said it, the last words that escaped her beautiful lips: “I HATE YOU, HATE YOU!”

Just because I had driven another girl home. She thought it wasn’t that simple. She said that she would never trust me ever again. I knew our love was changing. The truth had been edging into my consciousness for a long time. The tone of her voice as she spoke to me and the diminishing amount of time we spent together felt like a dark cloud miles away, but slowly closing in on me. All of a sudden, the cloud drenched my weary body. Like lightning, in a flash, I recalled the happy moments we’d spent together: meeting each other, our first date, our first kiss. Then came the thunder, rumbling, signaling the doom of our relationship. The sound of happiness collapsing. I was lost, exhausted. I stumbled back home and threw myself onto the bed, struggling to fall asleep, to leave the merciless world on this stormy day. As I closed my eyes, her face haunted my brain. Her lips, as pure as fresh air in a forest never before seen by humans, were now polluted by words full of hate. I opened my eyes to free my mind of this torture, but her face was on the ceiling, in the mirror, on the floor. I squeezed my pillow, rolling around the bed, trying to shake her out of my thoughts, without success. My cellphone rang. It was her. A light penetrated the clouds in my heart. Maybe all was okay. I picked up the phone with hope and tried to explain again how she dominated my heart. She wouldn’t believe me and hung up the phone, which I dropped in despair, knowing we were through.

After two days without her, I felt free, like a parakeet out of her cage. Two days of reflecting on my own had taught me that I wasn’t mature enough to fall into the cage of love. She called again. I didn’t care, I left it ringing. The insincerity in her first call had done irreparable damage and left a scar that would never disappear. She wouldn’t be the same and I would not heal. Hardened, I emerged out of the storm.

After all, life is a peaceful river. It wouldn’t be special without a few jagged rocks, creating magnificent splashes. Afterwards, all is calm. Silence falls upon the river, peacefully traveling down, waiting for the next rock to show its beauty.

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