Summer with Exploring Words

Summer is sweet, but school is sweeter. Every summer at 826 Valencia, we run Exploring Words Summer Camp, a reading, writing, and science intensive program for students from second to fifth grade. From four basic ideas — look up, look down, look around, and look within — we developed curriculum that touched on topics from astronomy to geology, ecosystems, and psychology. Each week focuses on a different subject, and students have the opportunity to both engage in hands-on scientific experiments and write and think creatively about the topics. For example, while students learned about astronomy, one activity allowed students to identify their North Star, their guiding light. Exploring Words will wrap up on July 18 with a reading party and celebration of the students hard work!

If you’ve wandered by our under-construction space on Valencia Street, you may be wondering where our Exploring Words Summer Camp is taking place. We were lucky to partner with our friends at Mission High School, where we’ll be running programs out of a few classrooms this summer. We’re excited to have use of our newly-renovated space in the fall–stay tuned to our newsletter for updates!


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