Students go from me to we

Our volunteers have been hard at work in San Francisco public schools. Check out some of the students’ writing from the “From Me to We” project with tenth graders at John O’Connell High School.

“Despite the rough path of discovering who I was going to be, I pushed on. I disregarded the negativity and replaced it with opportunity, finding new doors to open and adding attributes to become who I am today.”

–from “Metamorphosis” by Joel Hlawphakdi

“America is the home of many cultures and even though the differences make Mexico seem like a galaxy away, knowing that my family and I can celebrate and enjoy our Mexican culture here gives me peace and a feeling of home. If you’ve ever had to give up something or someone, you know that moving on doesn’t mean forgetting or regret, it just means that you’re in a place where you can be okay and happy.”

–from “Two Worlds Collide” by Emma Pineda Rodriguez

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