SF Chronicle:The benefits of borrowed bling

Thao Nguyen, 826 Valencia students, and their band performing at the Luncheon. photo credit: Sarah Peet

Leah Garchik wrote about our Annual Spring Luncheon in her SF Chronicle column. Garchik said:

“Coppola rose to his task, discussing the work with vigor. He described himself as a young writer, then a director, talked about the importance of writing about their own lives and thoughts, and described a summer when he’d set his whole family to writing one-act plays. It was personal, it was useful, it was mentoring.

The director got a standing ovation when he was introduced, but the biggest cheers were due afterward, to him, to Nguyen and to whoever planned a luncheon program that would really illustrate what 826 Valencia’s all about.”

We appreciate the kind words, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s luncheon! Read Leah Garchik’s The benefits of borrowed bling.

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