Local Heroes: Service with a Smile

Raymond Laird is a local hero because he helps the economy by getting customers to keep coming back to the restaurant where he works: the Sausage Factory in San Francisco. Raymond also keeps the restaurant going well by making the best spaghetti! He has been working at the Sausage Factory for 30 years and he’s never called in sick. He’s also been in the newspaper a few times. One of the headlines was for “Best Waiter in Town!!”

When the customers are feeling down, Ray is always cheering them up or making them feel better – which makes them always want to come back to the restaurant. Ray wants to make the customer happy is because he cares about them and wants to make them feel good. Ray takes the order from the customer and makes it entertaining by telling jokes. At the end of the day, he feels good about what he did and about doing it again the next day.

Raymond doesn’t think of himself as a hero because he doesn’t think that he is the best waiter. He thinks that waiting on people is just a slightly hard job, but he tries his best. Ray’s local hero is Allen Charleton, because he is caring and he’s always there for you. And he also donates to good causes. Allen is also Raymond’s partner. They have been together for 40 years. Allen, like Ray, is also a waiter.

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