Help us celebrate 8/26 Day

8/26 Day Write-a-Thon

On Friday, August 26, from noon until 8:26 PM, we’re going to write until our pencils break, our pens run out of ink, our fingers fall off, and our computers crash.

It’s like a marathon, except you don’t have to wear running shoes and short-shorts (although you can if you want to). And like many marathons, it’s also a fundraiser. Last year, your donations provided support for free student programming, and we would love to keep up this tradition.

During our second annual 8/26 Day Write-a-thon, you can join the frenzy at 826 Valencia or relax in the location of your choice. You can:

  • Sign up in advance and get your friends, family, and neighbor’s hairdresser’s dog-sitter’s cousin’s second-grade teacher to support you. Register by emailing
  • Write a story. Or two. Or ten.
  • Check out the madness as everyone — brilliant second graders, 826 volunteers, passers-by, and (if we’re lucky) some well-known local writers — write and write and then maybe write some more.
  • Sponsor a writer by making a donation at either a per-page rate or a set amount to support their furious, frantic, and fantastic writing!

However, unimaginable joy and glory are not the only perks. Raise $150 or more in pledges for 826 Valencia, and you can keep your writing momentum going by receiving 10% off any Fall 2011 class at The SF Writers Grotto! Visit to check out their offerings.

Basically, it’s going to be the most extraordinary, productive, and glorious eight hours and twenty-six minutes of writing the world has ever seen. So go ahead, download your pledge form and get started!

All proceeds will benefit free student programming at 826 Valencia.

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