Robert Moses visits the writing lab at 826 Valencia

Robert Moses 1

Robert Moses visits After-School Tutoring

The Writers’ Lab at 826 Valencia got off to an amazing start this week with a visit from local dance phenomenon, Robert Moses. Moses is a choreographer who has worked with numerous operas and groups around the country, teaches workshops internationally, and started his own world-renowned dance company, Robert Moses’ Kin.

This Monday, November 6th, the students in after-school tutoring were graced by this man’s inspirational words about the parallels of dance and writing. They also marvelled at the beautiful movements of one of his dancers, Crystal Bell, whose accompaniment added physical depth to Robert’s stories and lesson.

Robert Moses discussed his personal journey of discovering dance as a creative outlet for his voice as well as describing his approach of translating words to movement. One thing that particularly interested students as well as the grown-ups was his idea about adaptation. Moses explained that adapting a creative work to a different medium, whether it is dance, film, or painting, is not about duplicating the original work, but rather is about bringing a new voice or lens through which to view the themes of the piece. One student thought a dance influenced by The Hunger Games “would be awesome.” We had an excellent time during Robert and Crystal’s visit, and wish them the best in their upcoming project that focuses on the blending of classic fables and contemporary dance.

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