Rats, Raccoons, and Skunks, Oh My!

Have you ever wondered why large masses of rats are coming out from the sewers? Or why those furry animals that look like bandits and take pride in annoying you are in very large numbers in San Francisco? Or why those black and white creatures keep spraying you on your morning stroll? Well, people, I have your answers.

Many San Francisco citizens are finding the huge amounts of rats coming out of the sewers extremely annoying. You can blame North Beach subway construction. The construction actually scares them out of their hiding places, so instead of residing in the sewers, they hang out above ground. But underpaid construction workers are not all to blame. During a drought rats also can’t find food underground, so they have to go aboveground, states a report by NBC Bay Area.

Most San Franciscans have raccoon problems and want to know how to get rid of them without killing them. Well according to the city and county of San Francisco, you can get rid of raccoons by playing loud music near their den. I recommend Metallica. Or use the simple trick of letting them go on their nightly hunt, which usually happens two hours after nightfall, block all entrances but one, and then use Ro-Pel, or another strong repellent on the final entrance. To make sure they’ve gone out to hunt, put flour on the main entrance and watch for tiny footprints. Those are all great ways to get rid of raccoons.

Skunks are unloved, smelly creatures who roam San Francisco streets at 6 a.m.. Many people have a hard time getting rid of these foul animals, but according to the county and city of San Francisco there are a few ways. To discourage them from coming to your garden, use ammonia in shallow holes in skunk-frequented areas and make sure its saturated. You could also put thick rubber straps on all of your trash cans, which would deeply discourage them from visiting or moving into your house, garage, or backyard. You can use all these great ideas to help get rid of your skunk problem.

I understand that many of you have had this problem, and would like more information. I would suggest going to the animal care and control page at sfgov.org. With the help of my amazing article, I bet that your garden or garage will be free of furry pests in no time (I do not do bugs).

Illustrated group of skunks with protest signs

Illustration by LeUyen Pham.

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