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Spring is a busy time here at 826 Valencia, with the end of the school year meaning the culmination of many workshops and in-school and after-school programs. We celebrated the students’ hard work and accomplishments this spring with a variety of publications featuring the writing they have produced in the past few months. Below is a list of all of the books, magazines and newspapers that came out recently. We hope you get the chance to read at least one!

Look Closer, Volume 10: the latest edition of our end-of the-year compilation from student in after-school tutoring features a variety of short pieces on the topic of chrysalis.

Giants Magazine: three middle school students in after-school tutoring have been writing for Giants Magazine since April. Their work has been featured in the April and May issues, and will be featured in the upcoming June issue, too!

From Me to We: the students at John O’Connell High School worked on autobiographical narratives, focusing on sharing experiences specific to one group with a larger audience.

Sharp Fruit, Fake Candy, Fancy French Dinners, and Life-Lengthening Noodles: Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School students used recipes and food as a way to express personal experiences and memories in this book.

Slick, Volume 2, Issue 2: the spring semester publication of Slick, the lifestyle magazine written by eighth graders at James Lick Middle School, features articles on teenage relationships, the school system and drug cartels.

The Straight-up News : Everett Middle School students wrote about women in sports, the economic crisis, and many other subjects in the third and final issue of The Straight-up News this school year.

Rising Since the Start: spoken word poetry by eighth-graders at James Lick Middle School has been tailored for publication and included in this collection.

Snapshots: the brief, written memories of James Lick Middle School seventh graders comprise this book.

Stalkers & Stilt Walkers: this new book features the prose of the high school students involved in our Writing and Publishing Apprentices workshop.

Creaky Stairs, Haunted Mirrors: Lisa Brown’s ghost story workshop was a huge success—the stories the students published are chilling!

Running Barefoot through San Francisco: poetry, prose, and plays about community are all included in this collection from the high-schoolers in the Literary Arts apprenticeship Class of 2012, run by 826 Valencia and the Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse Project.




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