Negan, based on The Walking Dead

By Jake Obershaw

Rick. Oh Rick. Couldn’t he see that all I was trying to do was rebuild society? And he had to come along and ruin everything! He destroyed everything I’d worked so hard for! First, he thought that he could just walk in and defeat me before he even knew how many men I had. After that Rick  temporarily agreed to become part of my new society, but the whole time he was just teaming up with those other groups to go to war against me! And then, even after I destroyed his safe-zone, and the hilltop colony, he attacked me and imprisoned me! Now I’m stuck in this stupid prison until I die… Or until I break out. I have the whole thing planned out. Someone who doesn’t know who I am will come in, and I’ll tell them that Rick is a monster. I’ll say I didn’t do anything wrong and I will beg them to let me out. Then I can take over the Alexandria safe-zone and kill Rick.

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