My Day Out (Birdy’s View)

Literacy experts say reading aloud to one’s pet is a great way to become a more confident reader. It’s also really, really fun. In the Writing for Your Pet workshop, we teach students that cats and dogs have no interest in the sports pages. They want stories written just for them. As expected, our students are more than ready to meet the challenge.

On Saturday morning, I flew away. I was in the kitchen. The window was open. This was my chance. I knew I could fly. I’d flown up to a very high window and hit myself on it. But this time nothing was stopping me. I flew off the lady’s arm. I was out! I flew and flew. I heard people calling, “Birdy! Birdy!” But no, I didn’t stop. I flew onto a branch to rest. I was tired. That’s when I spotted the millet. They had taken my cage outside, along with my favorite treat. They were still calling my name, but I didn’t respond. That would show them. Teasing me by putting their hands in my territory. Eventually, they went back inside. I had won the battle! Later, I saw Sara in the back window. I missed her. And I wanted that millet. Just then, a paper flew past me. It had my picture on it. Were they looking for me? By then Sara had disappeared into her huge cage. I flew over the houses, the wind brushing through my feathers. I made it! I landed under a huge box with wheels. Then someone spotted me. Then another person ran down the street. Two small figures and another big figure were running towards me. Wait! One of them was Sara! She walked slowly towards me and gave me her arm to step on. But I wasn’t going without the millet. Then she offered me the millet. Oh, it was hard to resist! I walked over. She scooped me up and all I saw was black. A large hand scooped me up and put me into a pocket. Later that day, when I was safely back in my cage, I was taken out again, and put into a smaller cage. We went back to where Sara had taken me from my first cage, and a huge person took my flying feathers away. Well, no more flying for me. But at least I got my all-time favorite treat.

Written by Sara, age 11

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