My Day at Serramonte

My favorite mall to shop at is Serramonte. Serramonte is a mall outside of San Francisco in South San Francisco. When you walk in, you can hear many types of people speaking different languages. You can smell the pretzels cooking in the oven. As you look around, you see different people coming from different cultures.

It is fun to shop at the stores in Serramonte. My favorite store there is Hot Topic, because they have weird, funky-looking stuff. I also like shopping at Footlocker; they have nice shoes. I enjoy looking at the toys at the Disney Store and buying presents for my nieces and nephews during Christmas. Overall, there is a store for any type of person.

At Serramonte, there are different varieties of food, which come from different types of cultures. A good place to eat is Panda Express; they have delicious Chinese food. Sbarro has Italian food. My favorite dish is the pepperoni pizza. Aunt Annie’s pretzels are very delicious. The smoothies are also very enjoyable. The food court is so big your tummy never goes home empty.

I enjoy meeting people I know at the mall because you never know who you will find there. One time, as I was walking around, I heard my name; it was one of my friends from summer school. Her name is Veronica. I was surprised to see her because it had been a long time. We talked for a while and I got to meet her brother. Then I gave her a hug and turned away. Sometimes, you never know what you have in common with people until you meet them at the mall.

At the mall, you can find stores full of things you will enjoy. While you are walking by, you can smell the great smell of food, which makes your mouth watery. There is always a possibility you will meet someone to sit down with and have a sip of coffee. Serramonte is a good place to meet new people, hang out, and have a good time.

Written by Elizabeth, age 12

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