My Backyard

My backyard is a skate park. I think of it as my jungle. It’s where I can be active and have fun. Sometimes I like the skate park less because there’s a hole to the sewer and it smells. A good thing about the skate park is that if there’s ever a fight, the police station is right next to it. That’s why the skate park is safe to me.

I thought the skate park would be boring until my friend took me there one day. He showed me how to do some stuff. It made me think that I should get a skateboard. So I did and went back to the park. I already knew some tricks, like the ollie. An ollie is when you jump on your board and grab the end in the air. I went on the big ramp and felt my board start to grind, but I kept my balance and that’s how you ollie.

Written by David, age 10

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