Molly Parent joins the crew

We’re pleased to announce that our former intern and current Writing and Publishing Apprentices teacher, Molly Parent, is our new Workshops Programs Assistant. Intern Rebecca Tantony interviewed Molly:

Can you tell us how you stumbled across 826 in the first place?

My involvement with 826 began nearly four years ago down at 826LA. So I didn’t stumble, I drove, and drove, and drove around in circles trying to figure out where this mythical place was where I could spend my free time helping kids with their writing. When I finally found it, it held more excitement and inspiration than I’d even expected. I came to the writing lab before I had a job or a place to live, which tells you something about my priorities and perhaps my practicality. I think both have served me well in leading me here.

What is it about working with young people that you find so valuable?

Oh, goodness. Everything. I find teaching a young person to be tremendously challenging in a way that surely makes my brain bigger. I love building their confidence more than anything. I also love that moment (just when you think you’re the one in the room who knows what’s up) when a younger, smaller person asks the most thoughtful question or shares the most searing and strangest observation, and you realize how much we can all learn from each other.

Any cures for sea sickness or writers block?

I think my cure for both is salty air and the right breakfast.


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