Meet our new Development Director!

826 Valencia is excited to welcome our new Development Director Jessica Partch! Jessica has been a volunteer and donor at 826 Valencia since 2002. She has worked with 826 in various capacities: Jessica has led drop-in tutoring, held workshops, planned events, written grants for the organization, and served on the development committee. She is delighted to be on staff as 826 Valencia’s new Development Director.

Jessica’s favorite aspect of working with 826 Valencia has been working with children and seeing students grow as academics and as people. One of Jessica’s most memorable experiences at 826 is witnessing a high school student disinterested with his writing assignment become more engaged when he realized that 826 volunteers were dedicated to supporting him and helping him succeed as a writer.

Jessica’s favorite literary genre is contemporary fiction, and her favorite book is City of Thieves by David Benioff, an adventure that takes place during World War II. If her personality were a fruit, Jessica would be a peach because she is “sweet, a little juicy, warm, and fuzzy,” but she would also have a hard pit.

We hope you’ll help us welcome Jessica Partch as she steps out of her role as a volunteer, and into her new position as 826’s Development Director!

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