Meet Olivia White Lopez: Pirate Supply Store Manager

Olivia White Lopez has stepped up as our new Pirate Supply Store Manager. 826 intern Brian Karfunkel sat down with her to ask some hard-hitting questions.

How does it feel to be the captain of the 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store?

It feels exciting! It’s a dynamic environment with a great crew.

How did you come to join 826?

I began as a volunteer about a year ago, working on Slick, the lifestyle magazine over at James Lick Middle School, and assisting with the morning Storytelling and Bookmaking field trips.

What’s your favorite product for sale at the Pirate Supply Store?

It’s a toss up between the bottled Dolphin Tears and the Can of Blood. I like that they evoke two distinct pirating experiences.

How does the store contribute to the mission of 826?

Aside from functioning as an important source of income for our free student programing, a huge part of the store is outreach. The Pirate Supply Store is our gateway to the community. A lot of people come into the store, maybe not even knowing we’re a nonprofit, and they are thrilled to learn that their purchases of eye patches and turtle planks actually go towards funding our student writing workshops, in-school program, after-school tutoring program, and field trips. Oftentimes people then want to learn how they can become even more involved–volunteering their time as tutors or designers or general handypersons. It’s an exciting way to really see how a community can come together to make things happen.

What do you get for the parrot who has everything?

I would say not a parrot plank, unless you happen to be upset with said parrot.



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