LitCamp raises over $1,000 for 826 in its first year!


Pat Montandon and Chris Castro, the winners of the Lit Camp's first annual cocktail auction

Lit Camp, a writing conference featuring teachers like Isaac Fitzgerald of the Rumpus, Andi Mudd of The Believer, and Ethan Nowosky of McSweeney’s, just held its first annual conference. Along with their writing workshops, attendees took time to mix a drink to benefit 826 Valencia. The conference is a joint venture between two of San Francisco’s most respected literary organizations–Litquake and the SF Writers Grotto.

Lit Camp auctioned off naming rights for the official 2013 Lit Camp cocktail, and two Lit Campers, Pat Montandon and Chris Castro teamed up to win the prize, elegantly naming the cocktail the Montandon-Castro.

We’d like to thank Pat Montandon and Chris Castro and all the Lit Campers for their generous donations to 826 Valencia, and we’d like to thank Janis Cooke Newman for making 826 a part of this year’s Lit Camp. Next year’s Lit Camp will be held May 15–18, 2014, and they’ll be auctioning off naming rights to an entirely new cocktail.

For more information about Lit Camp, visit, or follow Lit Camp on Facebook.

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