Introducing Spring’s Young Writers!

Meet our newest Young Writers!

We are proud to announce our newest group of students featured on the Young Writers’ Wall in the writing lab. This biannual display celebrates the most dedicated student-writers in our After-School Tutoring program each semester. Next time you visit or volunteer with us, take a moment to check out the updated Young Writers’ Wall to see these beautiful portraits of our enthusiastic writers in person.

–Jorge Garcia, Programs Director

Noe Campos, Third GraderNoe Campos
Third grade / Nine years old

Likes to write stories about sharks because they are his favorite fish. They can chew off a turtle’s shell and eat a bunch of fish in one day. He likes to draw Transformers, ninjas, sharks, and cars. His favorite subjects in school are Math and Reading because “they are both easy.” His favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and he definitely does not like pineapple on his pizza.

I used to be scared of the dark because it was scary / that I couldn’t see. I am not scared anymore because / I am not little like I used to be. I am bigger now. —Excerpt from Noe’s Writing Table journal

Jasmin Gonzalez, Second GraderJasmin Gonzales
Second Grade / Seven years old

Loves reading Stuart Little because Stuart makes friends with just about anyone he meets. She loves reading because it helps her expand her imagination. Jasmin likes writing because it makes her feel happy and it helps her express her feelings.

My unicorn’s name is Rainbow Dash. She is colorful and has rainbow powers. She lives in a rainbow castle that sparkles at night. She makes rainbows, and then she eats them. —Excerpt from Jasmin’s Writing Table journal

Marlon Hernandez, Fourth GraderMarlon Hernandez
Fourth grade / Nine years old

Finds video games aren’t as exciting as scoring a goal in soccer. In fact, he thinks soccer is the best sport ever. Out of all the vegetables out there, all of them are his favorite. “I like eating them when my mom makes food because I like healthy food like fruits and vegetables and grains.”

At night it feels chaotic because my brother is screaming, my mom is cooking, and my dad is working. Everything is moving. It’s loud. My brother screams with all his energy, my mom cooks and makes sounds with objects like spatulas, and my dad builds things with nails and hammers. —Excerpt from Marlon’s Writing Table journal

Uriel Perez, Fifth GraderUriel Perez
Fifth Grade / Ten years old

Loves writing, as it gives him energy and makes him feel stronger. When he isn’t writing, you will find him dividing decimals, his favorite math activity. “It’s just easy,” he says. His favorite book is The Tiger Rising, though lions are his favorite animal.

In the morning I hear birds and the wind. / In the afternoon I hear people talking. / At night I hear the TV on. / I prefer silence because it’s peaceful. —Excerpt from Uriel’s Writing Table journal

Angel Mejicanos, Second GraderAngel Mejicanos
Second grade / Seven years old

Loves to draw monsters. When he’s not at school, he likes to play tag and read the Magic Tree House chapter books. If he was any food in the world, he would be cheese pizza “because it is so yummy.” His favorite place to be is Chuck E. Cheese.

 Jack knocked on the door and looked in a hole. He saw a zombie walking with a ghost and a werewolf with a sword! Jack ran inside. He thought that they were fake and that he was imagining, but they were not fake! He touched one and then ran and ran and crashed into a wall. —Excerpt from Angel’s Writing Table journal

Emma Ortega, Third GraderEmma Ortega
Third grade / Eight years old

Enjoys monkeying around. If she could, she would trade places with a monkey to eat mangoes and ham and use her gymnastics skills all day. If she had a time machine, Emma would go to the year her mother was born. She would like to live on Jupiter.

Witches try to get me/ Elves can scare me/ Elves can scare everyone/ Nothing can scare me  —Excerpt from Emma’s  Writing Table journal



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