Introducing ScholarMatch!

826 National has launched a brand-new project called ScholarMatch, a nonprofit website that connects donors with students who need money to fund their college education.

Students from San Francisco Bay Area high schools were hard at work over the last few weeks creating web profiles for the launch of the project. These profiles include information about their career goals, the amount of money needed for college, and their educational hopes. Donors then visit the profiles of these outstanding students and pledge their donations.

Right now, ScholarMatch is open only to SF Bay Area students. In time, we have plans to expand the site to accommodate students across the country. We’re hoping that ScholarMatch will send thousands of students to college while enlightening the public about the extraordinary students we know so well at 826.

ScholarMatch was launched with generous support of the Gerbode Foundation and Walnut Fund. We invite you to visit to keep an eye on this exciting project and help us spread the word!

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