I Will Carry You

This piece originally ran in Read This!, a literary magazine written and edited by high school students from San Lorenzo High School, ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old. This issue of Read This! was designed at 826 Valencia with the help of our tutors and volunteers.

My love, my soul mate
The one I dare not hate
I have the key; you are the lock
I think about you nonstop
I carry your life on my shoulders
You are my rock; my boulder
Even though you cause me pain in my prime
You’ll still always be mine
We take long walks
You don’t talk
But your silence is the loudest to me
You stick with me through sun and sleet
Take blows for me
Get battered and beat
You are the red letter of passion on my chest
After all, you are the best
Like a pineapple, rough on the outside, yet sweet within
Your juices quench my thirst, my friend
We’ll walk arm in arm ’til the end
When we’re apart, I feel like something’s missin’
Your beautiful blue gaze keeps me listening
Without you life would be considered wack
I love you, my wonderful, Dell backpack!

Written by Michelle, San Lorenzo High School

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