How to…

How to Look Terrible in Photos

Stick out your tongue. Cross your eyes. Wave your arms wildly and use your hand to cover up your face.  Do some more annoying/gross things until the photographer goes away.

How to Persuade Your Parents to Get You a Pet

Say you will work for money to feed it. If that doesn’t work, try saying you will work for money to feed it again.

How To Give Makeovers

I can’t really give you advice but I’ll do my best. You have two choices:  1.  Copy a make-up face from a fashion magazine. 2. Go abstract and prepare to be screamed at.

How To Ice Skate Without Falling 6 or 7 times

I don’t really know how. Mostly, I fall down 6 or 7 times every 15 minutes. Go take some lessons. Wear warm clothes. Whatever!

Written by Ella, age 9

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