Hippomonk was a successful creation and made a lot of money for the Zoo of Science. It lived on shocktarts and cupcakes, which were the only things it would eat. It was healthy and happy. Then Hippomonk started to refuse its food and its health dropped and it was obviously unhappy. I immediately took it to my lab. No matter how hard I tried I could not find anything wrong with it. Hippomonk got very think and we could hear it crying at night. I still was looking for something wrong when I saw for the first time the half part of the monkey fighting the half part of the hippo. After I had managed to make them stop, they were crying. I decided to make them friends by putting them in a room with nothing in it except themselves. They eventually became friends and started to eat again and they went back to the science zoo and everybody was happy.

Written by Armour, age 12

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