Has Bieber Gone Mad?


Straight-up News staff

This piece by eighth-grader Luorong Lamu comes from the Straight-up News, Everett Middle School’s newspaper. Throughout the year, a class of eighth-graders work with 826 Valencia tutors to craft articles that will capture the attention of their classmates. The newspaper is printed three times a year, and a selection of articles is translated into Spanish. Everett Middle School is located in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood.

Justin Bieber’s current actions have fans wondering: has Bieber gone mad and is his career at stake? Currently, Justin Bieber is traveling around the world on his Believe tour, and along the way, he has some spare time to be himself. By being himself, I mean peeing in buckets, spitting on his fans, wearing a gas mask, tagging in Brazil, and kicking the Argentine flag. Sounds fun! Why has Bieber chosen now to act up? Is it because Selena Gomez broke up with him, or is it because he’s going through a new phase?

When Justin Bieber first came out in 2009, his music was mostly about puppy love. Then in 2012, it became way too inappropriate and R-rated, not allowing his younger fans to relate to him anymore. Everett Middle School’s Student Advisor, Ruben Urbina, said, “His producers thought he represents the ‘perfect American kid.’ They hoped to capitalize on the success of a young, clean, and innocent rising star.”

In the past, many child stars in the media have tended to crack under pressure and go downhill. For example, Britney Spears and her infamous shaving act. Former collaborator Chris Brown was interviewed on Hollywood Life about Justin Bieber’s recent scandals, and said, “We grow through it because we’re great artists. [Justin’s] like baby Elvis. He’s a big artist to his fans.”

Is Bieber going through a phase, or is it just because Selena Gomez broke up with him? Ana Sara Malaquias, an Everett student and Bieber fan, said, “I don’t think that he went ‘bad boy’ after he broke up with Selena Gomez. He was already changing while they were dating. Plus, when he broke up with her, we all got to see his soft and kind side.” It’s true that his music was already changing while he was with Selena. For example, there is a big difference in the lyrics from Justin’s classic hit, “Baby,” compared to his 2013 song, “Lolly.” Overall, Justin Bieber needs to get his act together and grow up. A little fun is necessary, but too much is bad!

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