Get to know an intellectual volunteer: Tim R.

Illustration by Tim R. himself

Illustration by Tim R. himself

Tim, who gives his time to 826 through design, tutoring, Ikea runs, and so much more, spends so much time with us, that it’s hard to imagine 826 without him. Tim helps out however he can, and for his graciousness, we’re honoring him as our Volunteer of the Month.

In 2010, Tim R. walked into 826 Valencia’s Pirate Supply Store and asked, “How do I become part of this?” The rest, as they say, is history (or myth, or fibbery, or mocking sarcasm, depending on which minute you ask). He hails from SoCal and has lived, traveled, and studied in colder climes and other far-flung places. He studied design on the East Coast, which helped to forge a certain steel-woolly Woody Allen quality out of a sun-soaked attitude.

He speaks five languages, not counting art and “other.” While he gets “what’s cool” in the world, some of his admittedly poorer choices in music and love for television re-runs affect the taste curve substantially. He moved to the Mission seeking a little less snow and discovered yoga, bike-building, a certain better weather grittiness, and mandated composting, as well as an affection for Muni’s J-line as it winds through Dolores Park. He designs as “subject-object,” and his glasses are his most distinguishing feature. And though he generally eschews hyperbole and attention on the whole, he would rather dedicate this kind gesture back towards the 826 Valencia family, who have been much more generous than he could possibly ever repay­–especially in food.

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