It was another ordinary day at the lab. Dr. Leonardskinvich was taking tests on the Dragonah, which was supposed to be sleeping. The Dragonah had woken, creating havoc, killing Dr. Leonardskinvich with it’s deadly claws. As I rushed to sustain the Dragonah, I saw the emergency bag of salt, since Dragonah was weak to salt. I threw a whole handful of at the dragon-piranah, running as hard as I can. Though it hit his eye, he didn’t slow down, but kept destroying walls until it had an opening and flew away.

I used our company helicopter to follow the dragon, now firing 2000 degree fire blasts at the city. Right in front of my eyes, the whole city was destroyed, leaving only a few standing buildings, including our science lab.

I searched the helicopter for a bag of salt, or even a pinch of salt. Since the Dragonah’s speed was faster, the gap widened. Then, suddenly, the Dragonah disappeared. I knew he couldn’t move so I kept searching, hoping it would move. After a few minutes, I started giving up, when suddenly I realized a speck of a rock. As I looked closer, I saw that it was salt from the Dragonah. I knew it was there. So I very quietly opened the helicopter window, got the piece of salt, and poked it into an invisible mouth. Then, the Dragonah appeared breathing fire, trying to get the salt out. Then I used our hi-tech supersonic soundwaves, making the dragon go to sleep. I had finally learned how to obtain the Dragonah.

Written by Yuhki, age 12

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