Doggy News

Literacy experts say reading aloud to one’s pet is a great way to become a more confident reader. It’s also really, really fun. In the Writing for Your Pet workshop, we teach students that cats and dogs have no interest in the sports pages. They want stories written just for them. As expected, our students are more than ready to meet the challenge.

I am the dog. I am the pal. I am the one making everyone feel better. Right now, I am the boss of the dog world. And I am pretty. I know I am pretty because people always say it. I am the dog that knows everybody like Mrs. Hurly and Johnny Baker and so on and so on. Everyday I go to the park and there I play fetch. And if I’m not playing fetch, I am laying down in the soft warm grass, which is my favorite spot.

Written by Maggie, age 8

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