December Teacher of the Month

Gabe smiling with Golden Gate Bridge in backgroundWe are so excited to present the December Teacher of the Month, Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez! Mr. Rodriguez is a math teacher at Everett Middle School. As one colleague wrote, “when I think of an exemplary teacher, one of the first names to come to mind from the Everett community is our very own Gabe Rodriguez.” Mr. Rodriguez holds his students to high academic standards while creating a warm, supportive learning environment for both his students and his peers.

Several of Mr. Rodriguez’s former students are quick to identify him as “one of the best math teachers they’ve ever had.” As one student wrote, Mr. Rodriguez makes learning “fun, interesting, and fascinating” for his students. He does this while continuing to hold very high academic standards for his students. He provides the support that students need to reach their goals, continually “inspiring them to never give up and to keep on trying, [as well as] to always go beyond standards.”

Mr. Rodriguez also sets incredibly high standards for himself. “Whether it’s leading a professional development, creating a student facing display, or teaching math basics, Gabe only puts his best foot forward, and nothing less,” a fellow Everett teacher said. Furthermore, Mr. Rodriguez is not just a tremendous teacher; he’s also committed to mentoring new educators. As one of his mentees notes, “I was fortunate enough to have him as one of my instructional leaders at TFA’s Institute, where he provided many effective tools and tips for classroom management that I still utilize in my day-to-day classroom.” Thank you for giving back to students and teachers alike, Mr. Rodriguez!

Congratulations on your successful nomination, Mr. Rodriguez! We are proud to know dedicated and confident educators like you. Thank you for all that you have done and all you continue to do for Everett’s students.

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