Curtain’s Escape, based on The Mysterious Benedict Society

By Jack Surnow


“S.Q., how long have been stuck in here?”

“8 months 7 days and 57 min, sir. ”S.Q. said as he walked to cell 1578. In his hands was some strange invention: it had a lot of dials, an antennae, “It’s my homemade radio. It’s to cheer you up. Don’t worry about batteries, it runs off of body heat.”

Man this guy has gotten smarter since last time he visited.

Suddenly the door opened and the guard said, “Mr. Benedict and the children are here to see you Curtain.”

Then Mr. Benedict said “Hello Ledroptha and S.Q. nice invention- ”

“Ha your still in prison” cut in Constance.

“Shut up” said Stickey.

“Jeez that little brat is so rude,” Curtain said to himself under his breath.

After a little while of talking Mr. Benedict said that he and the children should go. Then Curtain said,“ Good riddance.”

“ S.Q. I have to get out of here I can’t let that brat go on like that.”

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