Meet this Spring’s Young Writers from After-School Tutoring

Alex Sanchez, Spring 2015 Young Writer

We are proud to debut our latest group of students to be featured on the Young Writers’ Wall in the Writing Lab at 826 Valencia for Spring 2015. This biannual display celebrates the most dedicated student-writers in our After-School Tutoring program each semester. Next time you visit or volunteer with us, take a moment to check out the updated Young Writers’ Wall to see these beautiful portraits of our enthusiastic writers in person.

Deep gratitude goes out to our volunteer photographer Natasha Dangond for capturing the fun spirit these students share with us each school day.

–Jorge E. Garcia, Programs Director


abigail_150x150Abigail Giron
Fourth grade / Nine years old

Likes writing because she gets to use her own imagination. She likes to write fairy tales and fiction about animals mixed together, among other things. When she has a hard time writing, she stops, waits, thinks about the idea, and when she finishes thinking it through, she just writes it down.

My animal is a Gorbear. It is half black bear and half gorilla. I picked these animals because these are my favorite animals. Gorillas have 80 times the strength of a human, and an average black bear weighs 200 to 300 pounds. They live in a public library where there are obviously lots of books and plants. And a Gorbear eats bugs. I wish I was a Gorbear… —Excerpt from Abigail’s Writing Table journal


Second grader hanging from monkey barsOliver Hernandez
Second grade / Seven years old

Likes writing because it is fun. He gets to learn words and letters, and his hand gets lots of exercise! He likes writing fiction, because he can make stuff up, like putting happy smiles and frowny faces on the moon. When he has a hard time coming up with new ideas, he is not afraid to ask tutors for help! He appreciates Pablo and other tutors who know how to speak Spanish.

Once, my family and my friends got on a train, and I fell off the train. I fell onto a horse, and the horse ran very, very, very fast but couldn’t reach the train. There was a hole, but the train had wings. I arrived just in time and I told the horse, “You can get on my train because you helped me get to the train.” My mom asked me, “Where were you?” and I told her that I fell off the train, but… I fell on a horse. —Excerpt from Oliver’s Writing Table journal


Sixth grade boy smiling on tennis court

Calvin Tan
Sixth grade / Eleven years old

Thinks what makes a good tutor is someone who wants you to do good in school. His favorite subject is P.E., because he gets good grades in it (plus it’s hard for him to fall asleep).

When he gets older, he wants a good job, but if that doesn’t work out, he says he wants to be a Youtuber with over five million subscribers. He thinks that if people stopped polluting the Earth, the world could be a better place.


Six-year old student smiling in front of flowersAdriana Gonzalez
First grade / Six years old

If she could be an animal, she would be a cat because they lick you. She would purr when she was held and snuggled. She has a funny cat named Alanni that sometimes bumps into stuff.

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Mexico to visit her Grandpa, and because there are hurricanes and those are exciting! She imagines that there are leopards, tigers, and sea whales under the sea and she would like to watch them do tricks.

Poor Kitten! She was wet and sad and tired and hungry. —Adriana’s favorite excerpt, from Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes


Young student making bear arms and growl faceAlex Sanchez
Second grade / Seven years old

Alex’s favorite subjects in school are math and science. He works on math. He works on science. At school he sits down on the rug and he says, “Good morning, Mr. Schaffer.” And then Mr. Schaffer uses a magnet to pull stuff and sticks stuff through metal. Alex has learned that Earth is spinning so fast. That is awesome.

His favorite thing to do at 826 Valencia is taking a break after working hard. He says that after he’s done with his homework he goes home and eats until it’s night. When asked what he does when he’s not working on schoolwork he said, “Swimming is the most fun for me. I get to wear goggles that make me look like an alien.”


Young Student smiling on a playgroundBrenda Hernandez
Second grade / Seven years old

Likes that the tutors help her with her homework at 826. She wants the world to know how to read because then you can learn the words. If you see it in a book and remember it then you can say it!

Sometimes, she imagines herself in Candyland where there is a lot of candy, even cake candy! The buildings are made out of chocolate candy and the cars out of vanilla candy.

The wolf says, “Let me come in!” and the pigs say, “Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins!” And then the wolf says, “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!” —Brenda’s favorite excerpt, from The Three Little Pigs



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