Congratulations to Ms. Katherine Ambrose, our March Teacher of the Month!

Katherine AmbroseWritten by Candace Hoes

This month, we here at 826 Valencia are proud to name Ms. Katherine Ambrose of Everett Middle School as our March Teacher of the Month. The sheer volume of student voices that spoke up in support of this beloved teacher blew us away! They couldn’t emphasize enough what a huge role she plays in the development of their love of literature. One student boasts, “Ms. Ambrose is the only teacher to successfully teach me to love reading.”

The legend of Ms. Ambrose has spread throughout the school. Numerous students request to be a part of her class, undaunted by the prospect of a heavy workload. They are eager to rise to her challenge of reading one million words by the end of the school year. Nevertheless, the students always have her full support. Ms. Ambrose has even personally stocked her classroom with its own library, taking the time to know her students individually so that she can hand select books for them. As one admiring student exclaims, “Every student has a book to read – she makes sure of that!”

With her encouragement, many students meet the million-word goal well before the year is over. What’s more, this spectacular teacher takes the time to ensure that hard work always gets rewarded. When it comes to achieving goals, it is a rare individual that acknowledges when the recognition is as important as the fruition! According to Everett Middle School principal Lena Van Haren, “She conveys to her students that she is proud of them but always finds ways to push them.” Students agree that she has changed what it means to be a teacher.

It warms our hearts to hear how much the children adore Ms. Ambrose. Ever the innovator, we have been told that Ms. Ambrose will even leap across the classroom to get her students’ attention! Students describe Ms. Ambrose as “bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and optimism, which is what makes her easy to love.” 826 Valencia would like to keep the good karma going by gifting this exceptional educator a $1500 honorarium to use as she pleases. Ms. Ambrose, we thank you!

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