Congratulations to Jeremiah Jeffries, our April Teacher of the Month

We are delighted to announce that Jeremiah Jeffries, a gifted first grade teacher at Redding Elementary School, is our April Teacher of the Month. Mr. Jeffries has made a great impact at his school community and inspires his students and their parents alike.

Mr. Jeffries’s creative approach to education goes beyond the classroom setting. Parents and students are wowed by his commitment to education as he plans great field trips for his students to places like 826 Valencia and the de Young Museum. While in the classroom, he engages his students by making instruction fun with art projects like the One-Hundreth Day of School Centipede. A current student of Mr. Jeffries attests that because of this project they “learn seven hours a day and five days a week” in his class.

His students describe Mr. Jeffries’s as a “very great, great, great teacher” and as the best teacher they ever had. Meanwhile, parents are thankful that their children are able to learn conflict resolution in his class. One of the parents stated that Mr. Jefferies “makes learning really fun for the kids, and his manner is gentle and fair.”

The community at Redding Elementary is fortunate to have such a talented, passionate, and caring teacher, role model, and mentor. Congratulations again, Mr. Jeffries, and keep up the great work!

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