Chandletale: A New Dictionary

Acojuice: A+ko+joos (n)
Nuts mushed up to make juice

Amerind: ah+mAr+ind (n)
America and india merged together to make one

Berluner: ber+lun+er (n)

Biangomb: be+Ang+om (n)
A bomb that can “recreate” the Big Bang

Borable: bor+A+bul (A)
Bad and horrible

Chandletale: shan+dul+tAl (n)
A chandelier built into a table

Dimsaph: dim+saf (n)
A diamond and a sapphire mixed together

Duncar: dun+kar (n)
Car made of dung

Fanpoodle: fan+poo+del (n)
Fantastic poodle

Finnekhead: fin+ek+hed (n)
A head with a neck that has fingers on it

Firho: fir+ho (n)
A dragon and a unicorn mixed together

Hoofimsh: hoo-fimsh (n)
A hoof infection from stepping into a lake for too long

Jooldge: joolj (n)
A combination of a judge and a stooge

Koothie: koo-thee (n)
A kitten smoothie

Mapelicee: mA+pull+i+see (n)
What happens when a maple tree gets cold

Meezelf: me+zelf (n)
A naughty elf who is cold

Micromallow: mY+cro+mah+lo (n)
A microwaved marshmallow

Millitinch: mil-lit-inch (n)
An inch of a millipede

Polkmogu: polk+mo+goo (n)
A polka-doted pillow

Questcrawl: kwest+crawl (n)
Quest undertaken while crawling
(i.e. a baby’s quest around the room)

Smad: smaad (A)
To smile and be mad

Sprall: sprawl (n)
Combination of spring and fall

Spydoe: spY+do (n)
A person who spies on female deer

Sweely: swe-le (n)
Really sweet

Swimbridge: swim+bridj (n)
A bridge that is a long swimming pool

Tohum: to+hum (n)
A hummingbird that grows up on the vine of
a tomato plant

Upsy-downsy: up+se+down+se (A)
A word for nervous

Written by students ages 8-11

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