Bunny and Bee Get Lost

In a field of vegetables and lilies, there was a bunny and a bumblebee. They were getting food. The bumblebee was searching for honey. The bunny was looking for carrots. The bumblebee was in a tall flower. The bunny was deep underground. They had been friends since they were babies. They got lost by being far from home and separating. They got scared at first, then they calmed down.

The bunny was jumping up and down and the bee was flying around. The bunny was trying to get on a lily to find the bee. The bee was trying to go underground for safety and to check if the bunny was there, but they did not find each other.

Finally they found each other in another pasture of lilies and carrots. What helped them were the tracks they left behind them. The bunny left fur behind and the bee left lots of pollen behind.

They were ten steps from home when the bunny got tired and collapsed. The bee wanted to get his attention, so he softly stung the bunny. They finally made it and got home to eat. They said, “Let’s not separate again, please.” Then they went to sleep because they had a struggle that day.


The End

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